Welcome to the New FleetSeek!


Welcome to the New FleetSeek!


By now many of you have heard about the upgrades in store for FleetSeek.

We are introducing a new, advanced interface for the product!

Now it will be easier than ever before to access, sort, and manipulate the valuable, up-to-date fleet information you have come to count on from our database.

Some of you have seen the new FleetSeek logo already – it represents our fresh outlook on a trusted product and it is a prelude to many new things coming in 2016. We invite you to visit the new FleetSeek Information website to explore the improved design features and functionality. Please share it with your industry colleagues.

The new site helps people learn more about how FleetSeek fuels lead generation efforts, delivers fleet intelligence and accelerates sales activities for hundreds of businesses around the world. FleetSeek continues to be the leading choice for the most comprehensive, accurate fleet information across the entire fleet market from the largest national carriers to the independent owners and operators. Here is what businesses are doing with FleetSeek to impact their sales, marketing and research efforts.

  • Identify, segment and build lists for marketing programs such as lead generation, brand awareness, education, segmenting, and general messaging
  • Leverage FleetSeek data to Increase returns on investments from all demand generation efforts
  • Gain access to high-value prospects that meet target market criteria (by fleet size, geographical region, fleet types, etc.)
  • Search, filter and segment FleetSeek data to identify top opportunities – export to sales tracking programs, fine-tune sales strategies, build territories, and grow pipelines
  • Acquire key intelligence about fleet leaders and the fleets they operate with the sales territories you are calling on or anticipate making contact with
  • Gather insights into market potential, activities and purchasing decisions amongst fleet owners, managers and operators
  • Research markets for business development, product strategies, campaigns strategies to accelerate business growth opportunities
  • Leverage data for asset allocations, benchmarking, recruitment and industry specific designations such as SIC codes, carrier safety records, insurance coverage, etc

Ask your representative for more information about upgrading to the new FleetSeek.
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Carolee Harlin
Dir. of Business Development


Laurel Johnson
Assoc. Dir. of Business Development