Spotlight on FleetSeek Sales and Support Experts

Spotlight on FleetSeek Sales and Support Experts

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Ever wonder who that pleasant voice on the other end of the line is when you call the FleetSeek toll free number (888)-665-9887? It is highly likely that you spoke to either Carolee Harlin or Laurel Johnson, two of the most dedicated professionals, committed to helping you get the most out of FleetSeek throughout the lifecycle of your subscription. As part of the FleetSeek business development team they are seasoned experts in the trucking industry who work with FleetSeek users on a daily basis. By listening to customer goals and objectives, they help determine which FleetSeek offerings are the right fit for an organization. And, as needs change and they can help scale the program to ensure clients are getting optimal coverage of FleetSeek data and effectively injecting that data into their business.

While business development is a big part of their focus, much of what they do centers around user involvement with FleetSeek. When a FleetSeek subscription is activated, Carolee or Laurel initiates contact with a client to schedule product training. These calls can be one-on-one or with a larger group. Sometimes more than one call is necessary so that individual departments of a company can focus on the features and functions that are most relevant to what they are trying to accomplish. For example, a sales department might want to focus on gathering leads from specific geographical territories, but a research department may want to locate some very granular details of a specific fleet type or fleet company. Detailed walk-throughs and hands-on product demos put the user in the driver’s seat so they can successfully learn how to leverage the tool.

Many of our clients use a few FleetSeek functions repeatedly to capture new leads and regularly update sales pipelines. The search functions are intuitive, but there are times when a user is looking to sift through the data but isn’t quite sure how to set filters. If this happens and you need specific instructions on how to use FleetSeek, don’t hesitate to contact Carolee or Laurel to get a refresher course on specific capabilities that can help increase efficiencies.

You’ve heard it before, but with these two experts there is no such thing as a dumb question. We took this opportunity to ask them what were some of the most common questions they get from FleetSeek clients and here is what we learned:

Question: How often does FleetSeek data get updated?
Answer: New fleet data becomes available on a daily basis and you can expect the database to be updated about every 7 days. We maintain many rigorous data validation processes to ensure that data is verified, accurate and up-to-date before it ever enters the FleetSeek database. These processes are conducted and managed by experienced industry veterans who have in-depth knowledge of the trucking industry. These proprietary processes are put in place so that we can ensure the highest in data integrity.

Question: How can I be sure the FleetSeek data is accurate?
Answer: Many fleet data compilers simply pull down data from the DOT website or from a single source, offering data that is often obsolete and/or incorrect. This can be frustrating for those who are relying on only DOT data for fleet information. This simply is not the case with FleetSeek. For more than 30 years we have focused exclusively on trucking, building trust and valuable relationships within the industry. With FleetSeek you can be confident that our proprietary processes for gathering and validating data from multiple industry sources (including those not available in published resources) are superior and that manual checks are put in place to ensure that when you access FleetSeek data, you have the most recent and reliable fleet data intelligence.

Question: I’m getting too many selected records. How can I narrow the search?
The trucking industry, which includes for-hire and private fleets, is like a pyramid. There are lots of small companies at the bottom and fewer big companies at the top. The larger the number range for total fleet, trucks, tractors or trailers, the fewer companies will be selected. There are other ways to trim the record selection such as geographically, trailer types, industry categories, etc.

Subscription renewals or adjustments are other things they can help you with. If you want to add new users to your account or expand your coverage, Carolee and Laurel can update your subscription. They can add or delete users, reset logins and passwords, or make updates to contact information. As your needs change, you can count on them to help out and they promise to always be as pleasant as you’ve come to expect!

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