How Your Sales Team Can Get The Most Out Of Fleetseek

How Your Sales Team Can Get The Most Out Of Fleetseek

Smart sales teams become efficient by locating their best prospects quickly. One of the biggest challenges for businesses targeting the trucking industry and more specifically fleet businesses and fleet owners, is getting accurate and detailed data and the lack of information when searching for new prospects or looking for cross-sell/up-sell opportunities. Without this, you end up targeting the wrong company, talking to the wrong person, presenting the wrong solutions, or are just generally unprepared.

Sales territory planning, marketing activities and lead routing could also be wasted, resulting in a large number of unqualified or unworkable leads. Many companies don’t have current customer data or the ability to update it, but desperately need to find new sources of business.

FleetSeek can improve your sales mining efforts with vital fleet information. Your teams can research and download a list of prospects or customers using filter criteria such as, location, fleet size, carrier-type, mileage, driver counts, industry classification, DOT, MCN or other fleet identifiers.

Beware of quantity vs. quality on fleet data. General DOT data can be outdated, inaccurate, and spread across disparate databases.

FleetSeek’s proprietary database is held to the highest standards in data cleansing and is actively validated and verified by a team of experienced trucking professionals.

Here are a few tips on how your sales teams can get the most out of FleetSeek:

  • Get up-to-date data, regularly – Query data on a regular basis and download updates often. This can give you insights into major or minor changes within the companies you have earmarked as customers or prospects. With data refreshes you can track fleet information as it pertains to your business and spot opportunities in a timely manner.
  • Empower your sales team – Collect suitable fleet data for your sales teams to cross-sell additional products and services to existing customers, or create customized lists of prospects for them to directly target and contact. The more valuable insights you can glean the better you can empower your sales engagement activities. Searching specific attributes of fleets, such as location, equipment type, commodity type or number of vehicles can help you significantly narrow down your targets and helps you determine how to best approach companies. This information can be communicated across your sales channels so that sales activities remain productive.
  • Get business information on fleets  FleetSeek offers a range of options to identify new leads and opportunities. With demographic information on individual fleets such as maps or regional data, you can pinpoint prime candidates. Safety scores and ratings can help you track and watch violations and help you mitigate risks on the companies you engage with. With in-depth knowledge and comparisons of fleets, you can size up the market and offer your products and services to those businesses that are most likely to benefit from one or more of your offerings.
  • Maintain and update sales trackers  Populate CRM software with quality data and prevent duplication errors. Keep records of prospects and current customers updated frequently and automatically. This will help your sales teams spend more time actively speaking to qualified leads that yield higher close rates.
  • Embrace current clients  you can query FleetSeek data on existing customers and learn more about the fleets and individuals within those companies. You can uncover new contacts or find out roles that have changed within an organization, helping you to better serve their needs.

By considering even one of these tips you can considerably impact your sales efforts, increase sales productivity and shorten your sales cycle. We’re always happy to share insights on how to target the trucking industry, and If you have questions on how FleetSeek can improve your sales activities, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 687-957-1414.

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