What email metrics should you be watching?

There’s a lot of information on how to do email marketing well – how to craft a subject line or header, email width, send day/time, etc. Once these items have been mastered,  an advertiser needs to determine which email metrics to track and what should be analyzed.  We recently asked Marti Doke, Informa Engage Direct Marketing Associate, what email metrics customers should be paying the most attention to.

1. Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
What is it: This the percentage of recipients who actively clicked through the deployment.
How to Calculate it: Total clicks / Number of delivered emails

The clickthrough rate is normally one of the most sought out metrics in email marketing. It helps the marketer understand if their content was engaging enough. Deciding factors of the email’s effectiveness are headlines, titles, content descriptions, and the graphics used in the email.

2. Open Rate
What is it: The percentage of recipients who opened the email.
How to Calculate it: Total opens / Number of delivered emails

Most email marketers use the open rate as insight into the effectiveness of the subject line. While this is a great practice, an email’s open rate is important when used as a comparative metric.

3. Conversion Rate
What is it: The percentage of recipients who completed the desired action.
How to Calculate it: Leads generated / Number of delivered emails

Now that you know which three metrics are most important, you need to understand how to utilize them for your marketing efforts.

1. What if you had a high open rate and a low CTR?
This is most likely due to a lack of optimization in your email content. Some ways you can fix this are by leaving your product out of the title and/or description or creating an educational tone in your copy.

2. But what if it was the opposite – a low open rate and a CTR?
To entice more individuals to open, you may want to try shorter subject lines (below 8 words), placing your key words in the beginning, and using a bit of text from your asset as preview text.

3. What if your conversion rate is very low?
This can be a function of several different functions –CTA has little visibility, the email copy is not effective, or possibly too many registration fields on a form.

Want more information on how to measure your email effectiveness? Click here to get in touch with your regional representative.

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