Economics Show Trucking Continues To Be A Vital Market

Economics Show Trucking Continues To Be A Vital Market

Trucking is a $680 billion business and continues to grow. In fact, U.S. sales of Class 8 trucks in March 2015 soared 30.4% compared to a year ago and heavy-duty truck companies posted double-digit gains. According to WardsAuto reports, through the first three months of the year, Class 8 was up 25% on unit sales of 55,809 against 44,651 prior-year and Classes 1-7 remain healthy as well. For suppliers to the industry, this means opportunity and businesses are clamoring to get their piece of the pie.

Within this vital market, commercial truck fleets in the U.S. operate more than 12 million trucks and 3.5 million trailers. This industry serves virtually every sector of the nation’s economy which is why fleet data is so vital for companies that consider this industry as a core marketing sector.

Vital Trucking Market

  • $681 billion business
  • $10 trillion shipping value
  • 9.7 billion tons carried
  • 421 billion miles

Sales and marketing strategies can differ, depending on the types of fleets you are targeting. Private fleets operate over six times as many trucks as for-hire carriers and in many cases it is difficult to reach the individuals who purchase and recommend products and services sought by truck fleets. Knowing the types of vehicles within these fleets as well as mileage or the types of freight they carry can help you fine tune your strategy to go after fleets with the highest propensity to do business with you.

Having a tool to help narrow down the focus on this large scale market can be the difference in how effectively you engage with the marketplace. The good news is that FleetSeek informs brokers, equipment sales and leasing, finance and factoring services, insurance companies, shippers, and sales and marketing professionals with in-depth knowledge about fleets and the owners and operators who are making decisions daily on the products and services they purchase for their business.

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