Does Your Biz Offer Cost Cutting Services to Fleets?

Does Your Biz Offer Cost Cutting Services to Fleets?
Show how your products and services can save them money

Chances are, if you have ever sat across from a fleet owner or operator and asked them about their business priorities it’s likely you learned they are highly focused on reducing expenses and improving profitability. You can grab the attention of your trucking prospects if you can effectively communicate how your products and services offer cost cutting measures to benefit their fleet equipment or operations.

One recent study release by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) found that fourteen fleets operating more than 53,000 tractors and 160,000 trailers achieved fuel savings of $477 million in 2014 by investing in a variety of fuel efficiency technologies.

This high level of efficiency was reached because the fleets adopted a combination of technologies and practices. Some technologies like aerodynamic fenders, bumpers and mirrors have near universal acceptance and adoption. Other things like vented mud flaps, tractor wheel covers and two-speed fan clutches are beginning to be used on some trucks as these fleets test their effectiveness in their operations.

The fleet improvements save $9,000 per year per truck, with an estimated payback period of two and a half years, and reduce their carbon emissions by 19%, according to the study. What is interesting is the fleets included in the study achieved this high level of fuel efficiency by adopting a combination of nearly 70 currently-available technologies.


IFTA MPG and Adoption Percent Over Time ( Source: North American Council for Freight Efficiency)

To get in the mix of what fleet businesses are investing in, you can generate interest for your products and services by providing specific examples of cost savings. When you put it in terms of savings per truck or a single piece of equipment, it makes it easier for them to justify the expense, especially when spread across an entire fleet. If you aren’t sure how big a certain fleet is, you can query an organization in FleetSeek and gain knowledge of the size and types of fleet equipment they own and operate.

Anything you find that helps pinpoint cost savings will be of interest to fleet owners and operators. Additionally, tying your offerings to savings in other technology areas can influence purchasing decisions, such as fuel efficiency or drivers training which can improve overall fleet economy. The bottom line is that fleet owners and operators are looking for solutions that give them a competitive advantage and can ultimately save them money.

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