Refrigerated Transporter—Logistics for today’s cold chain management!

Refrigerated Transporter focuses on the information needed by truck fleets, warehousemen, shippers, and distributors in the frozen and perishable food logistics chain to ensure safe, efficient operation at the lowest possible cost and the highest possible service level.

Reaching a Specific Audience

  • Private and for-hire carriers
  • Transport and distribution of refrigerated and frozen commodities
  • Coverage across North America

Providing Necessary & Useful Information

  • Reports on refrigerated fleets, equipment, and industry regulations
  • Facility best-practices and helpful operating strategies
  • Up-to-date fleet service directories and buyer’s guide

Matching the Media to Fit the Need

  • Website– Updated daily with industry news. Includes fleet service directories, a Refrigerated Fleet Equipment Buyer’s Guide, and an extensive archive of feature articles and reports.
  • eNewsletter– Top news delivered to opt-in subscribers every week
  • Printed Supplements– We publish two annual supplements that include feature articles and reports as well fleet service directories and a fleet equipment buyer’s guide.
  • Customized Marketing Services– In-depth, staff-written articles covering fleets, conventions, regulations, safety, etc.
  • Customized Marketing Services– Offering a complete array of business marketing services including website creation, white papers, newsletters, research, e-listening, and much more.

We Reach Your Customers

Since 1964, Refrigerated Transporter has served the information needs of those involved in the commercial distribution and transportation of temperature-controlled commodities.

Audience Segments

For-hire carriers
  • Contract and common
  • Rail, piggyback, steamship lines
  • For-hire exempt carriers, owner/operators, and other for-hire
Private truck fleet operators
  • Supermarkets and wholesale grocers
  • Dairy, milk, ice cream
  • Meat/seafood packers, meat jobbers, and purveyors
  • Poultry packers and egg producers
  • Frozen food packers, distributors, and brokers
  • Ice manufacturers
  • Lease/rental companies
  • Produce companies, breweries and beer distributors, and other refrigerated fleets
Others allied to the field
  • Truck brokers of perishables
  • Refrigerated warehouses
  • Shippers/receivers of temperature-controlled products
  • Truck refrigeration unit sale/service
  • Refrigerated trailer and/or body manufacturers
  • Associations, government agencies and others
Top Decision Makers

Circulation is concentrated among people in management positions:

  • Corporate management
  • Maintenance/fleet management
  • Operations management
  • Logistics/traffic management
  • Refrigeration service and management


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Build Awareness

We concentrate on helping those in the cold chain stay on top of industry changes so they can operate more profitably. They know to turn to for this information, creating a great branding opportunity for companies trying to reach this segment of the commercial transportation industry!