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Thousands of marketers rely on our database to fuel their research and outreach efforts, growing their businesses with our accurate, up-to-date data on trucking businesses.

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FleetSeek™ is a proprietary database of more than half a million North American trucking operations and contacts used for sales, marketing and research purposes by thousands of trucking product and service providers. An online subscription allows users to access our accurate and up-to-date database of contacts and demographics within the trucking industry, including owners, managers and operators of trucking fleets and in-depth information about the fleets they manage.

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FleetSeek is the right fit for both large and small enterprises with packages tailored to meet their sales, marketing and research needs. FleetSeek provides deep insights into fleet operations and decision makers across the entire fleet market, from the largest national carriers to the independent owners and operators. Call 888-665-9887 now and see how FleetSeek can inject fresh new leads into your pipeline.

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FleetSeek fuels lead generation efforts, delivers fleet intelligence and accelerates sales activities.
• Drill down to the data you need and easily output your desired leads
• More than ever, FleetSeek is your best choice for the most comprehensive, accurate fleet information
• And we constantly update and refresh data across the entire fleet market to ensure you gain unequaled access to fleet operations and fleet decision makers

  • Our network of trucking channels brings together professionals who design, build, buy, sell, operate and support cars, light vehicles, trucks and trailers worldwide.
  • We serve these segments with a broad, rich mix of business tools, networking opportunities, data insights and marketing programs designed to help them succeed in their jobs and better engage, activate and advance in the markets in which they work.

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