Trucking is a $700 billion business. The industry operates more than 12 million commercial trucks and 3.5 million trailers, serving virtually every sector of the North American economy.

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American Trucker delivers a vibrant reach to professionals whose daily lives focus on the operation, service and maintenance of trucks and trailers.

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Bulk Transporter is the only outlet 100% focused on the needs of professionals in bulk logistics and transportation.

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Trailer/Body Builders is the leading outlet focused on helping manufacturers and distributors — those who manufacture, distribute, and service commercial trucks and trailers — expand their businesses and generate more revenue.

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Refrigerated Transporter focuses on the information needed by truck fleets, warehousemen, shippers, and distributors in the frozen and perishable food logistics chain to ensure safe, efficient operation at the lowest possible cost and the highest possible service level.

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FleetSeek empowers you to target more prospects, convert more customers, and maximize your marketing ROI. Thousands of marketers rely on our database to fuel their research and outreach efforts, growing their businesses with our accurate, up-to-date data on trucking businesses.

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Sent twice each month, HD Pickup & Van serves 210,000 Informa subscribers who buy, operate and maintain light, midrange and medium duty trucks. The enewsletter is focused on new products, technology, and best practices for operating equipment in severe duty and local pickup and delivery application.